The Story

Being a medical student, it was never clear in which year to buy a stethoscope. As the clinical years approached you usually lacked all the clinical tools to complete a full assessment. You saw one friend with a tendon hammer and another with a tuning fork in their cases. You went online to shop, only to realise all the added costs and plethora of choices were out of your budget.

Let's change the Status Quo.

It's time that all students are able to have all their essential clinical tools purchased in their first year of medical school. Fit all your clinical tools in one MedPlay case at an affordable price.


Look professional and ready for wards.

"I wish I had this when I was a medical student. It saves you time, money and stress. Genuinely an all in one clinical tool box!"

- Dr S. Sadiq (CT1 Surgical Trainee - NHS)

the osce box

osce feedback book

This spiral bound book includes TEN core examinations that have a feedback style lay out with timed sections to help you assess each other in group settings. Give each other critical quality feedback to ensure you are prepared for your clinical exams. 

The Contents:

  1. Abdominal Examination  

  2. Respiratory Examination

  3. Cardiovascular Examination

  4. I - XII Cranial Nerves Exam

  5. Upper Limb Neurological Examination

  6. Lower Limb Neurological Examination

  7. Peripheral Vascular Examination

  8. Vital Signs

  9. Digital Rectal Exam

  10. GALS (Gait, Arm, Leg & Spine) Exam


Joseph - 4th Year Medical Student

"It is really helpful because not only does it contain useful tools, but it also comes with notes for OSCE exam purposes! The people who make the OSCE box are so nice and become amazing friends!"

William - 2nd Year Medical Student

"Very useful, there's a stethoscope and a tendon hammer which have been very, very useful to me as a medic practicing for exams!"

Alysha - 4th Year Medical Student

"The OSCE box is great! It’s so convenient to have everything in one place and it’s good quality too. I love how the booklet has a run down on what you need for each OSCE and little details to help get your score up!"

Mimi - 3rd Year Medical Student

"The OSCE box really has been life-changing; I'm certain that if it wasn't for the OSCE box, I would not have performed as well as I did in my OSCEs. Not only did it provide me with the necessary equipment I need to practice OSCEs in my own time at an affordable price, but it also has an amazing 'OSCE guide."

Find the right

 OSCE Box for you.

Fob Watch

Tuning Fork

Tendon Hammer

Tape Measure

Pen Torch




Name Badge

Feedback Handbook

Storage Box

Stethoscope Case

Double Head Stethoscope


Shipping Cost

Full Edition



Shannon - 4th Year Medical Student

"To help with OSCEs, it was useful that it came with blood pressure cuff and book to help with exams...overall really impressed with the box"

Sean - 5th Year Medical Student

“Having everything I need in one handy carry case not only reassured me that I’m ready for the wards, but also really impresses consultants when you have the correct gear, ready to hand.”

Deluxe Edition