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I've postponed my latest blog until today, since I was looking for a moral within this time period. Maybe because my brain got rusty out of practice, maybe for some other reason, I couldn't figure a fancy way to start my writing, so I'll just give you the lesson that I got from my recent work-life, namely the moral of the story: Working as a doctor does NOT equal putting what you've learned at school into practice.

Let me give you a couple of concrete details. In fact, I'll give you those details clause-by-clause, just to make my point brief and concise:

1- What you've lived in the past belongs to the past, it should NOT interfere with your current interactions with other people. If someone has pissed you off in the past and you have to work with that person, you work with that person. If you have a weak point about a topic and someone accidentally brought that topic into you, you do not get out of control, instead you take the path of least resistance. For instance, let's say you've suffered from an eating disorder in the past and got subjected to physical and emotional pressure from a specific person to avoid the symptoms of the disorder (not eating, eating too much, exercising too much, binging and purging etc.). One day, someone who barely knows you makes a comment on your weight in front of that specific person , so the incident reminds you of the pressure made by that specific person in the past and you freak out. The bad scenario is you get out of control, shout at the person who barely knows you, the person goes to that specific person to complain about you, that specific person comes back to you, and ultimately the former conflict which belongs to years ago comes back at you. The good scenario is, the person who barely knows you keeps makings comments, and that specific person agrees to the comments, but you just listen and smile. It may sound like a really hard task, but no one complains about you to no one and the case is closed. Happy ending.

2- Being employed means that you've taken responsibilities and there are rules; SERIOUS RULES, such as working hours. If you have any questions regarding the other rules, you wait for the working hours in order to ask. You do not project your questions at 9.30 p.m. when the secretary is at home sipping from whatever type of tea or liquor s/he likes, especially on WhatsApp. If you do, get ready to have a pretty humiliating answer.

3- Life gets better when you come to the office with a couple of sweet presents after you get your first salary. People smile back at you and congragulate you as they get a taste:)

4- When you get the good news regarding your career, do not be shy to share it with your co-workers. Do not forget to send them good wishes about their future as well :)

Hope these suggestions help for the future doctors who happen to read this post:)

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