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OSCE Feedback Handbook

OSCE Feedback Handbook

Spiral Bound OSCE Feedback Book (This is a complete 10 Examination Feedback Sheets, all binded together into a book, to make practicing OSCEs effective. The book is co-authored and reviewed by doctors working in the NHS Trusts across the UK, from different medical school backgrounds.


This book describes in steps the key actions to include in your examination with a feedback notes box to allow peers during your group work the ability to leave constructive criticism to enhance your performance.


The Clinical Examinations Include:

  1. Cardiovascular Exam
  2. Respiratory Exam
  3. Peripheral Vascular Exam
  4. Cranial Nerve Testing
  5. GALS
  6. Upper Motor
  7. Lower Motor
  8. Rectal Examination
  9. Vital Signs
  10. Abdominal Examination



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