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You are weak. We all are. We eat the wrong things, skip

the workouts, put off the revision and hit snooze on the alarm.

Acknowledging your weakness is good. It puts laziness in

your crosshairs. When you know your weaknesses you can

tackle them head-on. And you do this everyday.

I do not claim to be an expert. There are people far more

talented, hard-working and disciplined than me. I am just

a medical student looking to be the best I can be. Yes -

that means ranking well academically but that is only one

single aspect of my life. Everyday is an opportunity to be

smarter, faster, stronger, healthier and a better person.

This blog will aim to provide you with information on the

food, workouts, discipline and mindset to be your best. Do

your own research and use the information (or don’t). I’ll

share with you what works for me. Everyone is different

but it may work for you too. Whatever you do - Eat right.

Do the workout. Do the work. Wake up early.

You owe it to yourself to grind and improve. If you’re

here as a medical student, you owe it to your future

patients. We are ambassadors of health - physical, mental,



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