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The best bang for your buck in terms of getting fit and staying healthy is food. Good whole foods. Fruits, vegetables, meats, healthy fats and probiotic foods.

Once you've cleaned up your diet there are plenty of add-ons for athletic performance and/or general health and well-being. Here are some of my favourites:

Joint Health

Sport in general but particularly jiujitsu is brutal on your joints. Regular stretching and strength training is your first stop in joint longevity but these can really help the process.

- Origin Labs Joint Warfare

- Origin Labs Krill Oil

Workout Endurance

- GAT Nitraflex - This stuff is rocket fuel.

- Onnit Shroomtech - This supplement is subtle in that you think it does nothing until you max out your pace (be it sprinting, rolling, etc) and are then suddenly able to immediately catch your breath back and recover.

Brain Health

If you haven't heard of neutropics, they are worth looking into. There are loads on the market but these are some I think outperform the others. Plays a big role on concentration and memory recall.

- Onnit Alpha Brain

- NooCube

There is plenty of new literature evidencing creatine as a mild neutropic. Given this and the fact that its the only legal sports supplement with any recorded evidence of improving athletic performance, it might be worth a try.

- Creapure


- Electrolyte powders are always good to replenish lost salts post workout. No particular brand here.

- Probiotics, particularly lactobacillus species are shown to have a significant improvement on gut and brain health. Look to sort your diet out in terms of sugar consumption first or this is potentially money down the drain.

- Ketogenic diets benefit from exogenous ketone supplements and MCT oils.

The above supplements are all the ideal and are from reputable companies with plenty of good reviews but they are expensive. Check the ingredients listed on anything you are interested in and you can usually find a cheaper alternative elsewhere. As I said at the beginning though, spend your money on food first.


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