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Through the finish line.

The difference between good and great is the final 10%.

It is difficult to grind and maintain discipline to achieve your weight loss goal, your exam score, your personal development target, job promotion; it is even more difficult to up the tempo for the last 10%.

I understand. You have worked hard. You are tired. You know you have done enough to make it through the finish line and achieve what you set out to do.

But why settle for what everyone else will do? Why not dig deep and sprint through the finish line with your head held high. Outwork what you have done previously. Push through the final 10%.

Why do I say this? Why is it so important not to settle for crawling across the finish line? Because that is what everyone else will do. 90% of people will not make it to the finish line. The other 10% will cruise when they have their goal in sight.

So. Up the tempo.

Raise your game.

Outwork yourself and everyone else around you.

Sprint through the finish line.


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