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An Upsetting Statement...

I'm not going to lie. I was eager to find a fun way to start my current post.

Maybe I could make a joke about how good I was getting at signing the documents of the patients with approved histories in my new and first job at the blood centre of the hospital. After all, I got my cachet prepared yesterday. I didn't know that putting a stamp of approval was such a satisfactory feeling.

I was watching a quiz show yesterday. One of the questions was asking who the football player was that could not have a tattoo because of his regular habit of donating blood. The answer was Ronaldo. I wonder why he's donating his blood. As far as my current knowledge, a male regular blood donator can donate blood every 3 months. Why would a football player who travels a lot and works out rigorously every day would be involved in such a dedicated process? Maybe his haemoglobin levels are too high, so phlebotomy helps him feel fresher and contributes to his performance.

Or maybe he's an angel. I'm not sure. But I have to admit. He's cute. Keep doing what you're doing Ronaldo :)

I'm not sure how I came to this topic. Anyways. A fun topic to begin my post with, that was what I was talking about.

Maybe it's because of my moodiness, or maybe this new MD title made me become more aware of the notion of what the theme of this post is going to be. I'll end my introduction here, and write my statement: Violence against health personnel is a huge problem in Turkey's medical system.

Yesterday, a psychiatrist was shot by a gun by his 18 year-old patient and killed. The criminal defended himself by explaining that the deceased doctor advised him to use his medications properly if he wanted to get better, and the attitude of the doctor made him think that he was making fun of him; so the 18 year old criminal expressed his anger by killing him.

The doctor was a grey haired humble man, probably in his 60s.

I was so happy to have a clean beginning for my working life. After all, what kind of a disaster may happen in a successfully monitored blood donation centre? .. until a donation candidate yelled at us for not registering his name on the list instantly, since our registry system froze. I could read his anger from every movement he made with his hands. Luckily the system came back quickly, so everyone was happy in the end.

I'm curious about the case of Ronaldo, yes. But I'm worried about what's been going on in our health system recently. Doctors deserve respect and sympathy, just like anyone else doing his/her job. I'm wondering if it's similar with other countries.

How is the general attitude of the patients in your country? Do you serve to an angry population just like me?

Or do you belong to a lucky group? Leave me a message below!


I am a 25 year-old Turkish graduate from medical school.

My special interests follow as: reading medical articles, writing (currently indulged in 3 other personal blogs, one being a foodie-blog, the other ones serving as open diaries), playing violin and spending time with my little budgie.


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