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Since I was a little kid, I always wanted to be a teacher of some sort. My dream was to look so cool on the field that I was teaching in, I would be the "favourite teacher" of the students that I was teaching. Since I was a kid, the teacher I wanted to become was a "class teacher", because that was the only example I had seen so far.

When I turned 12 and got introduced to new science branches thanks to our educational system back then, my dream changed into becoming a "biology teacher". I was going to show my students the anatomy of human body and my students were going to stand in awe while I was giving them lectures.

When I became a high school student, new scientific researches started to emerge and suddenly genetics became a fancy idea to indulge in. I considered being a genetics engineer in the future; luckily (or unluckily) that idea got subsided by the oppression by my parents. Yeah, then medical school happened.

The obligatory service that every Turkish doctor has to do, which is supposed to last for at least a year, lasted for only 1.5 months for me. My approval to the residency that I applied to came a bit earlier than I thought, so the real adventure began.

Today was my second day at the hospital where I'm going to complete my residency. My coworkers are nice, my seniors are tolerant and helpful, my professors are informative and understanding. They inspire me to be a teacher who teaches medicine like they do. The patients are looking for help and I'm being trained to help them, so there's a sense of satisfaction with the job that I'm doing. Hopefully, I will get my first patient by Wednesday, as I was told by my seniors. Interestingly, the hospital that admitted me for residency is not only the very same hospital that my father got his residency from, but also the hospital that I was born in. Apparently, the bonding was real:)

I will be telling more stories about my adventures at my residency.

It feels nice to feel happy after a long while.


I am a 25 year-old Turkish graduate from medical school.

My special interests follow as: reading medical articles, writing (currently indulged in 3 other personal blogs, one being a foodie-blog, the other ones serving as open diaries), playing violin and spending time with my little budgie.


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