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Let them talk.

What do you do when people bad mouth you? When you are criticised behind your back or made fun of?

We will all work in environments where we are bottom of the chain of command and will suffer because of it:

Obnoxious boss belittling your performance; consultant denying your very existence; more knowledgable colleague going for the jugular of your self esteem to boost their own status in the workplace.

What do we do in these situations?

Quietly outperform.

Say nothing. Embrace the situation. Smile to yourself and use it to fuel the grind.

While they puff their chest in the spotlight, you are directing your energy into improving your performance.

While they are worrying about securing their position in the food chain, you are making your day more efficient.

While they are trying to make you feel small, you are focused on improving the team around you.

Do not let other people’s opinions or actions do anything other than fuel your own drive. If they are not helping they are hindering. Do not waste time reacting, simply be consistent and disciplined.

Shut them up with your performance.

Outwork. Outperform.


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