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Overcome adversity.

Life is hard. It will wait until you are vulnerable and your guard is down to ambush you.

And make no mistake - Life is much stronger than you. It is powerful enough to stop you in your tracks no matter who you are or what momentum you have built to date.

So, what do we do when this happens?


Wallow in self pity?

Talk about how bad we have it compared to everybody else?

Tell ourselves (and everyone else) that we deserve a break because things got difficult?

No. Pick yourself up. Dust off. Reprioritise your goals and execute the tasks you need to do to achieve them.

Do the same thing tomorrow. Your momentum will return.

Life will always stronger than you but the consistency of your performance and persistence of will leaves no other outcome than success. Overcoming adversity means putting in the performance even when it seems impossible.

Do not use adversity to validate your excuses. Do not allow weakness the opportunity to creep in and infiltrate your thought processes. You are stronger than that.

So that I am clear - take help when you need it. Staying strong in the face of adversity is not about suffering unnecessarily. It only requires the will to stay disciplined and committed when times are hard.

Be vigilant. Do not waiver. Overcome adversity.


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