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We will stray from the path from time to time.

Weddings, birthdays, exams; we will lose our way and lose sight of our goals. This week my diet was off, my workouts were poor/missed and my self-discipline was weak.

How do we get back on track? Push aside the frustration and self pity and start right now.

Dig out your daily checklist. Complete one task. Then the next. Then the next. No secret formula. No short cut. You may not get it all done, but guess what? Tomorrow you will.

What should you not do? Do not write off the day, the week, the month because you have strayed from the path a little. That is your weakness rationalising the easy option. The difference between you and the the guy or gal thats beating you is salvaging the days you would otherwise write-off.

Tips for re-engaging:

Diet - Fast for 16 hours (nothing but water). Then put the

following into a blender:

2 x celery sticks,

bunch of parsley,

lemon juice,

1 x garlic clove,



1 x kiwi,

handful of blueberries,

2 x broccoli stalks.

It will taste like crap. But it will reset your body.


3 sets of 3 Bench Press (bodyweight on bar);

1 set of 50 Back Squat (bodyweight on bar);

20 minutes of 1 rep max deadlifts.

Sprints 10 x (20 seconds work; 40 seconds rest)

Make this workout short. If you don't want to do this thats fine, go do something to make you sweat. This will shock your body back into functionality.

Mind - Get 8 hours sleep. Nap for 30 minutes at some point the following day. The nap is a

game changer. This is a one-off to reset. Do not make it a habit.

Everything Else - Make a list of long-term outstanding tasks that need completing. Complete 2 (minimum) today.

Made it through all that? Good. Now maintain.


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