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Sharpen the saw.

This is a quick guide to some useful resources to sharpen all aspects of your game in 2019.


1.a) Calculate your daily calories and macronutrients (protein, carbs, fats) intake. Layne Norton's calculator is a great resource:

1.b) Whether you're on a ketogenic diet or the standard chicken and rice bodybuilder diet - a general rule is avoid carbs and fats both being high. (If fats are high like in keto, keep the carbs low, and vice versa).

2. Track all your food using the "MyFitnessPal" app. Make sure to check the "Nutrition" tab to see where you're at with your macronutrients, not just your calories.

3. Get some supplements to cover the gaps in your diet. Personally, I feel a multivitamin, krill or fish oil, and a probiotic do the trick.


1. Make sure there is an element of all of the following in your workouts: Sprints; distance running (1+ mile); bodyweight training; weight training; mobility/stretching.

2. Write your own workouts the night before.

3. Wake up early and workout first thing.

4. Check out for ideas on new ways to train.


1. Flashcard apps; find an app that allows you to do flashcards on the go. This is a great way to optimise your time you're otherwise wasting in the day. "Anki" is a great resource to make your own cards.

2. Read everyday. In exams you have to read for hours at a time. Train your brain to get used to this so you can focus on answering the questions.

3. Keep it simple - make sure you are able to say one thing you have learnt for the day.

Information Input:

You are a product of the information you expose yourself to. Here are some great resources to keep you sharp.

Podcasts - JRE Podcast; Jocko Podcast; PhysicianAssistantExamReview

Books - The War of Art; The Slight Edge; Extreme Ownership


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