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Succeed at Everything

Success cannot be compartmentalised. You are either improving or becoming

worse. There is no static.

Say I get 80% on an exam. Great. But if I’ve been eating junk food all

week and I’ve missed 3 workouts I am not succeeding.

Intelligence is a great strength but it is also your greatest weakness.

The smarter you are, the better your mind will be at convincing you to

take the easy road. “You’ve studied hard this week, you can skip the gym.”

“You ate really healthy all day today, you can have that cake.” Be stronger than that. Be accountable.

I have a checklist on my phone and my laptop of daily tasks. How do I stay

accountable? Easy. I do not sleep until its done. Ever. Most days I’ll

complete my list during the day but somedays its 1am and I am still

grinding. These are the days you have to get it done. Why? Because that is

when everyone else quits, and you want to be the best.

My List:

  • 5 mins Meditation

  • 10 pages of a good book

  • Sprints or Striking or 1 mile run

  • Weight training

  • 150 revision cards

  • Pushups x 100

  • Squats x 100

  • Situps x 100

  • Take vitamins

  • Watch 1 jiujitsu technique online

  • Vegetable shake

  • Keto shake

  • 10 minutes stretching/mobility

My daily tasks change. School work fluctuates. Personal obligations can

create more work too and I get this done. The list is simply the things

I owe everyday before I can go to sleep.

Your list should be different. We all have different goals. So how do you

make your list? I made mine by writing down the bare minimum I need to

achieve to feel productive and successful each day.

What’s the point? When you feel productive and successful everyday, there

is no challenge you will not dominate. Pre-exam nerves dissipate. Public

speaking feels easier. Confidence grows because your competence grows.

Think about your own goals and break it down to daily obligations. Be



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